How much rent can you afford?

The first thing you need to do when looking for property to rent is to decide what you can afford to pay in rent. Rent will normally be due every month and you should also allow room in your budget for bills like council tax, gas, electricity and water as these will not normally be included in your rent. When you make a tenancy application, you'll need to prove that you earn enough money to cover the rent by at least 2.5x (two and a half times) the rent. Use our affordability calculator to see how much you can afford based on your earnings.

Register your details

You'll need to register with good local agents so you can be kept up to date with suitable properties to rent in the areas you're looking in. You can register with us here.

View some properties

Here comes the fun bit... Search through properties available to rent to find those that will suit you. Then arrange a viewing. You should always try to inspect the property yourself first and avoid applying for a tenancy on a property you've only ever seen photographs of.

Reserve a property

You'll need to provide preliminary information and a reservation fee in order to secure a property to rent. On receipt of your reservation fee of £200.00 (it may be more in certain circumstances), we will reserve the property you have chosen whilst you complete your tenancy application. If your application is successful, the amount of your reservation fee can be used towards your first month's rent and security deposit which are payable before your tenancy starts.

If your tenancy application is declined, the reservation fee is non-refundable.

If you change your mind about taking a property or are unable to start the tenancy on the date you agreed, the reservation fee is non-refundable. It is also non-refundable if your application is declined due to undisclosed, incomplete or inaccurate information on your tenancy application.

If a landlord withdraws the property before the proposed tenancy start date, the reservation fee is refunded to you.

When you reserve a property to rent, we'll give you a detailed breakdown of the money you will need to pay before your tenancy starts.

Complete a tenancy application

Each adult (over the age of 18 years old) who will be living at the property and each guarantor (if applicable) must complete a tenancy application. Only adults who complete a tenancy application will be permitted to live at the property.

A tenancy application asks for address history, financial and employment information to assess affordability and your suitability for a tenancy. You will also need to provide identification and proof of address documents.

Depending on your individual circumstances, we will contact your landlord/letting agent, employer/s, accountant, pension provider, solicitor or bank to obtain references. You may also be asked to supply supporting evidence.

Find out more about tenant referencing.

Pay your balance

Before your tenancy starts, you'll need to pay your security deposit (normally six weeks rent but can be more in certain circumstances), your first month's rent and your referencing fees (less the reservation fee that you have already paid). You'll be given a precise breakdown of the money you need to pay when you reserve the property.

Move in

Kettle, tea bags and a bottle of milk! We'll arrange an appointment for you to sign your tenancy agreement, go through your tenancy paperwork and then we'll meet you at your new home for your check-in.